… We don’t pump mud.

GeoGrout is an Alberta based company providing pressure grouting services for concrete restoration, void filling, soil stabilization and fluid cut-offs.

Our custom designed grouts are engineered to meet site specific requirements. Mixes are quality control tested by certified laboratories to ensure they meet design standards. We have designed and pumped flowable grouts ranging from .5MPa to 80MPa.

Our Services

Some of the costly features of urban developments include concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter, driveway aprons and warehouse floor slabs. Settlements within these structures can cause uneven surfaces, water ponding and trip hazards associated with faulting. GeoGrout can correct the problem by performing what is commonly known as slab jacking or mud jacking.

About Us

Our professional staff takes pride in their product knowledge and quality worksmanship

J Morozov

BSc Eng, BA

J has been a committed attribute to Geo Grout since 1994. Working in a variety of roles, his understanding and experience of the process have given him a strong foundation to continue the company’s growth. J has viewed the company from a variety of angles, working in fabrication, as a laborer, field foreman, and site supervisor. His experience in these positions has helped him to implement new designs and techniques on numerous grouting projects. With hands on experience in the industry, J oversees the administration of the companies day-to-day operations.

Rick Sanderson

C.E.T. Operations Manager

Rick has over 30 years in geotechnical engineering field. He has been involved with Geo Grout since 1988, working as site supervisor, project manager and operations manager. Rick has worked together with Al in the design and implementation of specialty grout mixes and techniques on a variety of projects. These projects include: soil stabilization utilizing compaction and consolidation grouting techniques, void fills of abandoned pipeline utilities, water cut-offs within underground utilities and canal berms, and structural lifting of concrete flatwork in municipal subdivisions. Rick is responsible for project estimating and scheduling of day-to-day operations.

Sheridon Hildebrand


Sheridon joined Geo Grout Inc. in 2008 and his experience in the construction industry has made him a valuable asset to the companies operations. With over 20 years of experience in road building and concrete maintenance, 15 years as crew foreman, his management of field operations ensures smooth execution of our services. His dedication, commitment and knowledge of the industry help us to deliver quality service to our clients.



GeoGrout’s field crew foreman are committed to ensuring each project is completed successfully and to the satisfaction of our client. Each of the foreman have a minimum of 5 years experience in the pressure grouting field and are trained to provide quality workmanship in safe work environments.

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Address: 7505-40 Street SE Calgary, Alberta T2C 2H5

Phone: (403) 279-4170

Fax: (403) 236-1707

Email: general@geogrout.com